What Coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence?

Coincidence can be defined as events that occur which have the appearance of a meaningful connection when there is none.

I just can’t accept that. Maybe because the coincidence itself –the fact of its occurrence–is meaningful. Therefore: when an event occurs that seems to have a meaningful connection to another seemingly random event, for me, the connection IS meaningful. Because I believe it to be.

For example: yesterday I thought about change and learning and opening up to the discomfort of both. Today, I tuned in to Brezsny’s Thursday column for the first time this week and found my section to be all about being open to change and learning!

How utterly cool!

How I found Brezsny
I discovered the column known as Free Will Astrology in a time of desperation. (Of course.) Some unhappy circumstance or other had me casting about for guidance, inspiration, a reason to keep breathing in and out.

Picking up The Village Voice (I lived in New York at the time), I leafed through the pages looking for the type of news that interests me no matter what paper I read: horoscopes, personals, comics, THEN “News.”

And there I found Rob. Rob Brezsny. The Rob. The word magician who spoke into my very soul, my greatest fears, my favorite fantasies. Divine.

After that, I became a semi-regular reader of Brezsny’s horoscope column. By semi-regular, I mean, I didn’t subscribe to the paper, but whenever a new one happened to be laying around, I’d check to see what Rob had to say to me. And it was always inspiring. But Brezsny wasn’t my regular diet. He was more like an occasional delicacy I indulged in.

Later, after moving to another equally cool city, in some equally desperate time, again I found Brezsny. This time in Creative Loafing. (Now I lived in Atlanta.) Again I found guidance and hope, something to go on.

Several years after that, another cool city, another desperate time, an equally cool local news magazine (The San Francisco Bay Guardian), another reacquaintance with Brezsny. More inspiration. This time I wasn’t surprised. I knew I could count on him. He’s always been there for me.

Now I’m back in Florida. And while the South Florida New Times may at some point have carried Brezsny’s syndicated column, they don’t now…but, thank the Universe, I now subscribe–directly to the source. Brezsny himself. Online and weekly delivered directly to my email box with fresh words reminding me of the beauty, truth and absolute rightness of everything.

I’m grateful for this incredible man and for his absolute ingenuity. Check him out at www.freewillastrology.com.

In the meantime, I’m in the business of tuning in to the rhythm and harmony of all things through discomfort and change. Come on along. It’s sure to be an interesting journey!

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