Being Uncomfortable

I’ve gone through my life largely avoiding–or dreading–change.  In fact, I have actually worked harder to preserve unhappy situations than I might have if I’d faced my fear and allowed myself to go through the discomfort of change in favor of possibly improving my circumstances.

A pair of gifted teachers I admire put forth ideas on comfort and learning.  Here is what I took away from the lesson:

Our comfort zone is a happy place.

Outside of our comfort zone is where learning takes place.

I’ve grossly oversimplified the message, but this is the essence of what I think is important today about being uncomfortable. In the act of  resisting change, my mind is closed to possibility. I’m like that.

Only when it seems I have no choice will I finally get open enough to allow a new idea any space in the mental factory.

Fear plays a big part of this for me.  And obstinacy.  And belief.  These are the bars that contain me in the prison of the status quo.  When forced to, I might admit that, okay, maybe there could be some up side to this or that being different. Grudgingly, I give what is possible a chance because it seems there is no other choice.

Why the big struggle?  Said situation is unhappy?  Whatever the reason–or whoever has the idea first–what difference should that make?

Practicing Discomfort

As of today, I resolve to embrace discomfort, to treat it like an interesting question.  Rather than a reduction of my choices, I will see the writing on the wall, but rather than lament my misfortune, I declare that I will use the red flag of fear as a beacon: those moments of discomfort are there to teach.

I will learn.

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